Promoting/Encouraging Greater Use of Service-Learning

Center for School Change has worked for more than thirty years to promote service –  learning.  This is an approach that involves combining classroom work and community service.  In 2019, CSC is working with the National Youth Leadership Council, Youthprise and Growth & Justice, among other groups, to help encourage creation of additional service-learning programs around the state of Minnesota.

n 2019, CSC has helped encourage adoption of a bill, Senate File 1243 and House File 1572 that would

  • Hold several meetings around Minnesota where students an educators would discuss outstanding service-learning programs
  • Provide startup funds to help increase the number of service-learning programs taking place
  • Provide evaluation of these programs.

Here’s a link to standards for quality service learning, developed by a variety of researchers.

Here’s a link to a a special edition focused on service-learning of the magazine Phi Delta Kappan, co-edited by CSC director Joe Nathan

This article describes a service-learning class.  Students studied ways to resolve consumer problems, and to protect themselves as consumers.  They solved more than 150 consumer problems that adults referred to them.

Here’s a link to an Education Week commentary, “Toward a Vision of Students as Citizens” that Nathan wrote

Here’s a brief summary of research on service-learning, prepared by Professor Andrew Furco, University of Minnesota

thumbnail of Furco Research K-12 Service-Learning Research Summary – Furco – February 2019