Concurrent Enrollment

Want to participate in PSEO but don’t want to leave your high school? Consider taking a course through concurrent enrollment. These courses are offered through a partnership between your high school and a college or university.

Taught during the regular school day, you can earn high school and college credit when you successfully complete the course. Qualified high school instructors who are mentored by college faculty teach the courses. The same assessment methods and content are used, as the equivalent sections taught on the college campus.

Concurrent enrollment goes by a variety of names, such as College in the Schools at the University of Minnesota and Fond du Lac Community College, Senior to Sophomore at St. Cloud State University, and Challenge Program at Southwest Minnesota State University. The concurrent enrollment courses offered by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the University of Minnesota Duluth, and Mesabi Range Community and Technical College are NACEP-accredited. Many other local concurrent enrollment providers are taking the first steps toward accreditation as well.

The NACEP accreditation serves as confirmation of high quality concurrent enrollment programs.

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