7 key questions about school choice programs

School choice programs vary widely.  Here are seven key categories for school choice programs:

  • What is the SCOPE? (with a section of a community, in a metropolitan area, across district boundaries, etc).
  • What are the STANDARDS? What standards are participating schools held to?
  • Which SCHOOLS are involved/are eligible to participate? Magnet? District? Private, parochial, higher ed, etc.
  • Which STUDENTS can participate? All students?  At risk students, using specific categories?  Students who can pass a standardized test or some form of audition?
  • What level of public SUPPORT is provided – Do participating schools receive equal funds to other public schools in the state?
  • What SITE is used? “Bricks and mortor K-12 facility, higher education facility? On-line?
  • What STAFF/FACULTY are allowed to participate in the instructional process?  Must they be licensed? Must some percentage be licensed?  Can they be college faculty?