Dual Credit Courses Save Students Money – KFAI Radio interview with Joe Nathan



From the KFAI website, found on their homepage:


July 10, 2013

The sharp boundary line that divides high school and college is starting to blur. It’s not unusual these days for high school students to earn college credit before they graduate. “Dual Credit Course” options are available to 11th and 12thgraders, and even 10th graders who qualify. These options are numerous and often hard to navigate, yet Joe Nathan, Director of the Center for School Change, believes that the payoffs of these courses for students far outweigh the negatives.

The center has produced informational videos in Hmong, English, Somali, Arabic and Spanish.  You can see them at the website Center for school change dot org.

Joe Nathan talked with KFAI’s Hannah Rank about the value of “Dual Credit Courses.”

Listen to the conversation on the KFAI website here.