Our Mission

CSC Mission

The Center for School Change works with educators, parents, business people, students, policy-makers and other concerned people throughout the United States to:

  • Increase student achievement, as measured by a variety of methods.
  • Raise high school and post-secondary graduation rates.
  • Improve student attitudes toward learning, their schools, and being positive, active, contributing members of their community.
  • Promote greater understanding of young people who can and should be allowed and encouraged to help make a positive difference in their communities by combining classroom work and community service.
  • Strengthen communities by building stronger working relationships among educators, parents, students and other community members.

Since 1988, funding for the Center has come from the Annenberg, Bigelow, Blandin, Best Buy, Bradley, Otto Bremer, Cargill, Carlson, Frey Foundation of Minnesota, Bill and Melinda Gates, General Mills, Joyce, Minneapolis, Morning, Peters, Pohlad, Rockefeller St. Paul, St. Paul Companies, Sundance Family, TCF, Travelers, Wallin, and Walton Foundations, the Carnegie Corporation, the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Initiative Funds, the Minnesota and U.S. Departments of Education, and many individual donors. We are deeply grateful for this support.


Khalique Rogers named Center for School Change Co-Director

Khalique Rogers named CSC Director


April 10, 2023: The remarkable Khalique Rogers is the new co-director of the 35-year Center for School Change – an organization that has worked successfully from Hawaii to Maine to research and help implement research-based changes in education that produce a variety of  measurable positive impacts. CSC’s unusual approach includes working at school, community, and policy levels. Rogers succeeds Joe Nathan, who founded and has served as CSC’s director. Rogers and Nathan have co-mentored each other for the last decade- since Rogers was 17 and Nathan helped create dual credit courses at the high school Rogers attended. Rogers and Nathan will serve as co-directors for the next six months, at which time Rogers will become director.

Nathan commented: “In addition to his academic accomplishments, I think Khalique Rogers deserves a doctorate in “Life Experience.” He’s experienced and overcome homelessness, attended district, charter, on-line and alternative public schools, became the first in his high school to take Post-Secondary Options course, and skillfully worked with legislators. He’s a widely sought-out speaker not only in Minnesota but at several national conferences. He’s compassionate, committed, humble and hugely accomplished.

Rogers commented: “It’s a dream come true to be named director of an organization that fits all my values – an organization committed to using research to make a real difference in the lives of young people, families, educators and their communities.”

Reactions to this announcement include:

“Khalique and Joe have been key partners in much of the work I’ve done with and for youth in recent years. Khalique is one of the up-and-coming leaders in our community, and I can’t wait to continue our productive collaboration in his new role guiding the Center for School Change.”

Rep Matt Norris, Minnesota House of Representatives

“This leadership transition is a powerful example of passing the baton at the right time, for the right reasons and to the right person. It is rare to meet someone who skillfully combines credibility, cultural fluency and outside the box thinking. I recognized these traits in Khalique from the moment I met him and am 100% confident he will build on the Center for School Change’s legacy. Thank you, Joe, and Khalique. This is a wonderful gift to the field.”

Wokie Weah, Founding Exec Director, Youthprise President/CEO, Wokie Weah LLC

“For decades the Center for School Change has focused on identifying, building support for, and implementing research-based solutions for critical problems in education. Khalique Rogers is perfectly suited for the Center’s mission – and for these times.

George Latimer, former Mayor of St Paul, chair of CSC’s Advisory Committee

“Khalique Rogers is a transformational leader who catalyzes change, creates community, and can’t be stopped. With Khalique at the helm, I know the Center for School Change will continue its collaborative approach to change. Our students and community will benefit from his dynamic and thoughtful approach.”

Deidra Peaslee, president, St Paul College.

“I have no doubt that Khalique Rogers will be an incredible asset for the Center for School Change. His leadership and voice will drive improvements at the local, state, and federal level.”

Jonah Martinez, People for PSEO Board president

The Center for School Change have been at the forefront of this movement with creative solutions to Minnesota and US education’s biggest challenges. Education stake holders and students need our help more than ever. It’s going to take bold leadership and community support to make change. After more than 30 years of success, the torch is being passed to one of the most dynamic community advocates I know. I’m thrilled to see Khalique Rogers take the Executive Director role at CSC. Over the last decade his work and impact in community has changed the landscape of Minnesota. I’m excited more than ever to see him create a sustainable legacy at the center for school change in his new role.

Dario Otero, CEO, Youth Lens 360 LLC

“As founder and executive director of the American Indian Policy Center, as well as Mn Department of Corrections Ombudsman, I spent years studying and practicing leadership We’re at a critical point as a nation. The choices we make today as educators, parents, businesspeople, students, and policymakers will determine the future we create for the next generation. Rogers is a remarkable breath of fresh air, as CSC has been for more than 30 years.”

John Poupart.

“Khalique Rogers has a proven track record of helping communities create shared visions and turning those visions into action to create positive change. I can’t think of a more capable leader to shepherd the Center for School Change into its next chapter, providing our students and future community leaders with the support, resources, tools, and perspective they’ll need to help shape our collective future.”

Garrio Harrison, Fractional Chief Revenue Officer, Clario, Inc.

“The Center for School Change has been a trailblazer – directly impact many peoples’ lives, always active and focused on what will help students. Who better to take over than Khalique Rogers – who has had a beautiful and powerful moment – and a great example of intergenerational mentoring. I’m excited to see how Khalique will use this opportunity to continue making a big difference.”

Jose Perez, community activist, treasurer/secretary of Bridgemakers

“Joe Nathan has put a lot of energy into CSC, and with Khalique’s energy & style, it can develop into even greater impact. This an inspiring development for all who are in pursuit of equitable educational access in Minnesota and across the nation. As a graduate of Gordon Parks High School, Khalique continues to exemplify the legacy of our namesake, with youth-centered social change efforts, style, and grace.”

Paul Creager, Curriculum Coordinator, Gordon Parks High School, St Paul

“Khalique has spent the past decade engaging with cross sector industry leaders to shape policy and outcomes for youth. In the past three years alone, he has partnered with private, public, and philanthropic partners to deliver local, regional, and state-wide outcomes for youth homeless, youth workforce innovation, and recreational alternatives violence.”

Jeffrey Aguy, Founder and CEO, 2043 SBC