Malik Bush

Malik Bush, Co-Director – Center for School Change

Malik Bush, Co-Director

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Malik Bush is a 4th generation educator from a family whose St. Paul roots stretch back over 100 years. He has, despite his youthful appearance, been teaching professionally for soon to be 30 years, from Preschoolers to Retirees (and enjoying every minute of it). He has worked in District, Charter, and Private schools and at the Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary levels. After passionately fulfilling his capacities as administrator, teacher, board member, parent-leader and student-leader, Malik finally clued in and accepted that his life calling is education. He currently lives at the nexus of Administration and Teaching, Innovation and Equilibrium, Possibility and Probability. Malik is an Excitement Cultivator™. He helps people thrive in the joy of “what if” and “then what.”

An inveterate entrepreneur, Malik is adept at training, supporting and implementing a range of personal and enterprise information technologies. As a public speaker, he strives to inspire people to hear their own passion . . . and to follow it. He is honored to serve on Speaker Selection Committee for Ignite Minneapolis, the Advisory Board of the MN Urban Debate League and the Education Committee of the Minneapolis NAACP. In addition to Malik’s broad range of commitments, curiosities and compulsions, he is a Husband (18 years), Father (3 intrepid etiological inquisitors), ordained Deacon, and People Collector. See his LinkedIn page for more detail and feel free to contact him with questions, concerns, requests, insights, suggestions or recommendations (such as, “Take a minute to catch your breath”).


John Miller

John Miller – Co-Director – Center for School Change

 John Miller, Co-Director

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John Miller is a longtime educator, with experience in teaching (at every level from elementary to post-secondary, both undergraduate and graduate), administration, and board governance. He is also a Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, where he teaches complexity theory. John is committed to improving education for ALL students, and in particular those for whom our education system is not working as well as it should–and must. He is also very happily married (36 years) and has 4 kids and 4 grandsons to prove it!


Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan – Senior Fellow – Center for School Change

 Joe Nathan, Senior Fellow

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Joe Nathan has been an inner city public school aide, teacher and administrator. Student, parent and professional groups have given him awards for his work. More than 20 state legislatures and several Congressional committees have invited him to testify. Nathan has helped write several major laws, including Post Secondary Options and the nation’s first charter public school law. He served as a local PTA president in St. Paul, and a member of the Minnesota State PTA board. He has written 2 books named “must read” by the American School Board journal, along with a third, and edited a fourth. More than 30 newspapers including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Atlanta Constitution and Detroit News have published guest columns he wrote.

Between 1989 and 2004 he wrote a weekly column carried by 3 of Minnesota’s 4 largest daily papers. He now writes a weekly column carried regularly by about 15 Minnesota newspapers. It often appears on local and national websites. Nathan has appeared on more than 400 television and radio programs including “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” McNeil/Lehrer News Hour” and “All Things Considered.” He earned a B.A. from Carleton, MA and PhD from the University of Minnesota. Nathan has been married for 36 years to a recently retired St. Paul Public School teacher. The Nathans’ 3 children all attended and graduated from St. Paul Public Schools.