Career and Technical Information

Career and technical education courses utilize a hands-on style of learning that promotes both the attainment of technical skills and an understanding of how academic concepts are used in the workplace. These programs can help you prepare for a career. Many high school career and technical education programs are designed to be the first part of a program of study that continues for up to two years beyond high school at a state technical or community college. Students may earn college credits during high school where agreements are in place or where the course is taught through a concurrent enrollment arrangement.

Courses are developed collaboratively by high school and college faculty. Many career and technical education programs include opportunities for you to continue your learning in the community through service or employment.

To find out more about career and technical education programs of study, talk to your counselor or career and technical education teacher.

Career/Technical Education can have positive impact on H.S. graduation rates

The chart below shows the impact taking 240 hours of Career/Technical education (2-3 courses) in high school can have on graduation rates.  Please note the drastic reduction in the graduation gaps between student groups– gaps are nearly eliminated between races and income levels.

MDE 1 page Carl Perkins CTE grad rates 2012-13

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CTE Grad rates compared to MN Statewide Grad rates, 2013

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MDE Statewide 4 year Graduation Rates compared to CTE

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