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Triple Digit Gains!

Check out our new interim report on the Increasing College Readiness project. It shows that we have helped produce triple digit gains in the enrollment of urban (sometimes ‘alternative’) St. Paul students taking college level courses. See the new data, what district and charter schools we’re working with, and more at: Increasing College Readiness

Learning and Teaching with Fire: Lessons from HBCUs and Tribal Colleges

    What lessons can K-12 education in Minnesota learn from Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Tribal Colleges & Universities? As is frequently noted, Minnesota has some of the nation’s largest gaps between student groups.   As public district and charter schools seek to close achievement gaps, what lessons can we learn from institutions that have(…)

Test results encourage rethinking / Joe Nathan’s column

by Joe Nathan This article originally appeared at www.hometownsource.com   Americans have complicated, conflicted feelings about how much to rely on statewide standardized tests, such as those whose scores were recently released. I think this year’s results suggest three changes. Minnesota should: –Make much more use of highly successful schools. –Share results sooner with teachers.(…)

Dr. Howard Fuller Speaks at MN Charter School Conference

  Dr. Howard Fuller was the distinguished keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual MN Charter School Conference last week.  Dr. Fuller addressed about 200 attendees on Tuesday, July 29th at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of MN campus.  The conference was co-sponsored by Cargill, CliftonLarsonAllen and the Center for School Change. Dr. Fuller is(…)

Alternative School Students Speak Out on Dual Credit

Antonia, Jennifer, and Khalique attend alternative high schools in St. Paul.  In these interviews, they share their experiences and insight into why earning free college credit in high school has been a positive experience for them.   Antonia is a student at AGAPE, an alternative high school in St. Paul for pregnant and parenting mothers.(…)