Help a local public school do what it does best

At their best, what did schools and teachers do for you?   When I ask people this question, they often say things like: They helped me find things I really enjoyed doing. They helped me develop confidence in myself. They helped me get through a troubled time. They helped me develop the skills, and acquire the(…)

MN Charters Like Those in Forest Lake More than Triple Enrollment in a Decade

From about 10,000 students to about 39,000, from 100 to more than 2 million. Those are a few of the  statistics that show how Forest Lake is a part of one of the most intriguing educational reforms in the US….the charter public school movement. School choice is no longer just for the wealthy, who can(…)

Responses to Respect for teachers: Yes and No

What will promote greater respect for outstanding teaching? More than 30 people from several states commented on last week’s column about respecting teachers.   Here are a few of their responses.   Some suggested ways to honor excellent educators. Others discussed what some educators can/are doing to feel better about their work. One of my favorite responses(…)

Respect for teachers: Yes and No

I was stunned.  There were more than 36 million responses to a Google search for the phrase “teachers get no respect.”  At the same time, a respected national poll shows widespread respect for teachers.  And given the chance to reduce their taxes, thousands of Minnesota voters instead responded, “yes” to maintaining or increasing their tax(…)

2010 high school graduates give money-saving advice

Here’s an early Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanza present to young people that can save you and your family thousands of dollars.  Really. Please take 10 minutes to read “One Year Out,” This is a survey of 1,507 young people who graduated from high school in 2010.  Students were interviewed either by phone, or by an online(…)