Columns (J. Nathan)

Challenging and Complimenting Charter School Movement / Joe Nathan’s Column

by Joe Nathan This column originally appeared at   Alia Jackson and Pierre Fulford are just two of the millions of youngsters who have gained from charter public schools. On July 29, they joined with former Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Howard Fuller and almost 200 Minnesota parents and educators to discuss what is(…)

Cyberbullying is real – here’s help / Joe Nathan’s Column

by Joe Nathan This column originally appeared at: A teacher’s recent email note to me asking for information about cyberbullying triggered powerful, unhappy memories. Her inquiry led me into the fascinating world of “cyberbullying.” The more I learned, the more convinced I became that this definitely is something families should discuss with youngsters this(…)

Hiroshima visit has intense, perhaps unintended lessons

by Joe Nathan – originally published at From stunning to sad, a 12-day trip to Japan has produced an array of emotions. The cherry blossoms are more beautiful and more numerous than I can describe. The people are extremely friendly. But none of the things I’ve done matched the power, or the mixture of emotions, of(…)

A mother’s wise, joyful book about parenting

by Joe Nathan – originally published at “Simple Choices” is one of the wisest, most humble and helpful books for parents that I’ve read in a long time. It’s written by Lisa Graham Keegan, a nationally recognized educator and political leader who has had to deal with her father’s desertion of the family, discovery that(…)

28 percent of Minn. high school grads took remedial courses as college freshman

by Joe Nathan – originally published at “Getting Prepared 2014,” a new report with information about every Minnesota public high school, shows something stunning: 28 percent of 2011 public school graduates took a remedial (aka “developmental”) reading, writing or math course on entering a public or private college or university. A great feature of this(…)