Columns (J. Nathan)

Minnesota districts and charters honored for financial performance

This article was originally posted at:   Minnesota Department of Education’s School Finance Award will never compete with “March Madness” for public attention. But MDE has recently given 69 percent of Minnesota’s traditional districts and 80 percent of Minnesota charter public schools an award that measures solid accomplishment and merits public praise. In the northwest(…)

Legislators wisely listening as students ask for equal treatment

This article was originally published at:   Six high school students spoke out last week, and legislators listened. As college costs rise, families are looking for ways to help youngsters be better prepared and earn college credits while still in high school.   Richfield High School students Sam Petrov, Beisite Wang, Henry Hoang, Wendy Hughes,(…)

Turning the education spotlight to the stage

This article originally appeared at:   Minnesota’s state one-act play competition generally doesn’t get the attention that some sports receive. But having watched plays, and been in a few, I’d say that drama is one of the most valuable things a youngster can do. So congratulations to the high schools of Eastview of Apple Valley,(…)

‘Dang, I’m really going to college!’

This article was originally posted at:   Taking college-level courses at his high school was “fantastic,” according to Khalique Rogers, a student at Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul. “Our research shows that in just one year, these courses produced more than $13 million in potential savings for students and families,” according to Mary(…)

Why are some talented teachers underused?

This article originally appeared at:   Listening to and learning from educators like Megan Hall, Steve Allen and Bill Wilson reminded me last week of two important things. First, they have so much to offer, not only to youngsters, but also to other educators and those learning to be educators. Second, their skills, insights, experience(…)