Columns (J. Nathan)

Legislators wisely listen to state teachers of the year / Joe Nathan’s Column

Originally published at: “These teachers have dedicated their lives to serving students and been recognized for outstanding work. As we examine how to improve public policy, it’s important to hear from some of the best of the best. We need to learn from their success.” That’s how state Sen. Chuck Wiger, DFL-Maplewood, explained a(…)

5 questions to ask school board candidates/members / Joe Nathan’s Column

Originally published at: Here are five questions you might want to ask school board candidates or members running for re-election this fall. Because schools play a huge role in making communities attractive places to live and work, you might also talk with the other board members, whose seats aren’t up for election, about these(…)

Great ideas for K-12 from historically black & tribal controlled colleges/universities / Joe Nathan’s Column

Originally published at: Many more Minnesota students could succeed if we follow lessons from historically black and tribally controlled colleges and universities. This was a key theme at an Oct. 9 conference. Professor Ivory Toldson, deputy director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges, praised the meeting as the “first time” people have(…)

Mostly good news about Minnesota students, Advanced Placement / Joe Nathan’s Column

Originally published at:   Congratulations to Minnesota educators, students and families, based on a new report from the College Board, which publishes the Advanced Placement exam. A study released Oct. 7 shows that growing numbers of Minnesota students are taking and passing at least one AP exam, among the more than 30 that are offered.(…)

Respecting Christmas, Easter, Yom Kippur & Eid / Joe Nathan’s Column

Originally published at:   Events this week led me to several questions about Christmas, Easter and Yom Kippur. Most readers are familiar with the first two, but some may not know much about the third. Yom Kippur, celebrated this year on Oct. 4, is the holiest day in the year for Jews. Apparently, Jewish(…)