“I’m ready to die*” Jamar Clark, school violence and toxic stress

                By John Miller and Malik Bush | April 6, 2016 What does it say when, within a minute of the police arriving, a young black man speaks those words? And when, within 61 seconds, that young black man lies dead? What does it say when teachers who are(…)

NEW REPORT – Progress and Problems with PSEO

The Progress and Problems with PSEO 2016 report replicates and expands “Families Need to Know about PSEO”, a Center for School Change report published in September, 2015. Both reports examine how a stratified random sample of 87 Minnesota school districts and charter schools, one per county, are complying with Post Secondary Enrollment requirements adopted in 2014 by(…)

Two Years College Free?!

Huge, historic gift for low-, middle-income high school seniors By Joe Nathan on December 16, 2015 at 5:08 pm This year’s Minnesota Legislature and the state’s taxpayers are giving a huge, historic gift to Minnesota students who graduate from high school in spring 2016. They have offered to pay full tuition and general fees for(…)

Malik Bush and John Miller to Lead Center for School Change

Malik Bush and John Miller are CSC’s new co-directors. Bush understands intimately the obstacles faced by people of color—and particularly black males—in pursuing college degrees. Bush spent several years directing computing programs and taught  at Dunwoody Institute, seven years in various roles at TIES, and several years developing a computer services business in Chicago. He(…)

Hungarian Heroes/Joe Nathan column

Hungarian heroes By Joe Nathan on September 30, 2015 at 3:15 pm Within 10 minutes, a visitor to Budapest, Hungary, can find monuments to some of the best, and worst, of human kind. First, 60 pairs of metal shoes in various sizes are lined up next to the Danube as it flows through Budapest. Those(…)