Teachers: The Decisive Element (speech by 2014 National Teacher of the Year)

  The following is a speech made by the 2014 National Teacher of the Year, Sean McComb.  This speech was delivered at the National Education Association (NEA) conference in Denver, July 2014.     “Teachers: The Decisive Element”   Good afternoon.  Thank you.  So proud to be here. So thankful for your work across this country.  As(…)

Cyberbullying is real – here’s help / Joe Nathan’s Column

by Joe Nathan This column originally appeared at: www.hometownsource.com A teacher’s recent email note to me asking for information about cyberbullying triggered powerful, unhappy memories. Her inquiry led me into the fascinating world of “cyberbullying.” The more I learned, the more convinced I became that this definitely is something families should discuss with youngsters this(…)

Leadership Academy 2014-2015 – Now accepting applications!

​Please consider applying to the 2014-2015 Leadership Academy, sponsored by the Center for School Change and the Carlson Family Foundation. The application form is below (.docx file). A PDF of the announcement and application can also be found below.​ Please share about this opportunity with others!   Application Form:  Leadership Academy 14-15 Application Leadership Academy 14-15(…)

Hiroshima visit has intense, perhaps unintended lessons

by Joe Nathan – originally published at www.hometownsource.com From stunning to sad, a 12-day trip to Japan has produced an array of emotions. The cherry blossoms are more beautiful and more numerous than I can describe. The people are extremely friendly. But none of the things I’ve done matched the power, or the mixture of emotions, of(…)

A mother’s wise, joyful book about parenting

by Joe Nathan – originally published at www.hometownsource.com “Simple Choices” is one of the wisest, most humble and helpful books for parents that I’ve read in a long time. It’s written by Lisa Graham Keegan, a nationally recognized educator and political leader who has had to deal with her father’s desertion of the family, discovery that(…)