Malik Bush and John Miller to Lead Center for School Change

Picture of Malik & John Smiling

Malik Bush and John Miller

Malik Bush and John Miller are CSC’s new co-directors. Bush understands intimately the obstacles faced by people of color—and particularly black males—in pursuing college degrees. Bush spent several years directing computing programs and taught  at Dunwoody Institute, seven years in various roles at TIES, and several years developing a computer services business in Chicago. He was an internet lab instructor at a Chicago Public High School. Miller has spent more than 25 years teaching at various schools, including Eagle Ridge Academy, Watershed High School, City of Lakes Waldorf School, and Minnesota Waldorf School, as well as Goddard College and the University of Minnesota. He is a Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, where he employs complexity theory to explore the intersection of personal, social, and environmental wellbeing. Miller is the step grand-son of Albert Schweitzer, whose life has had a huge impact on Miller. Bush and Miller decided to apply together and were the unanimous choice of an interview committee.

Both Bush and Miller recognize that, for young people, school is a major contributing factor to their wellbeing (or lack thereof). Moreover, the quality of a student’s educational experience lasts a lifetime—for good or ill. That’s why Bush and Miller believe it’s absolutely critical that we get education right. It’s also why they’re thrilled to join CSC, where they can help make a difference.

For more than a quarter century, Joe Nathan directed the Center for School Change. Nathan helped establish, promote, and expand Minnesota’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program, along with other forms of dual credit programs. CSC has helped create new district and charter public school options in more than 30 states, and encouraged the use of youth creativity and insight via writing and production of You-Tube videos in seven languages. Nathan has penned over 2,000 newspaper columns for Minnesota and national newspapers.

Bush, Miller, and Nathan (who will remain at CSC as a Senior Fellow) are now envisioning future CSC initiatives. High priorities include: continuing to promote dual high school/college credit programs, creating high school & college collaborations to improve black male college graduation rates, helping develop district/union collaborations to establish teacher-led public schools, and helping schools use multiple measures to assess their effectiveness. In all their initiatives, Bush and Miller will look to extend CSC’s legacy as a catalyst for institutional change; innovation; strong, measurable results; and educational excellence.